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Tools for Professional Artisans and Craftsmen

DOGYU PRODUCTS are all MADE IN JAPAN and are of extremely high quality. Most of our tools are manufactured in our own factory where the facility and production capacity are much enhanced.
At DOGYU, we have a line up of over 3,000 different products and believe that our customers will be able to seek and find a product that will match their needs. Also, we are developing new products based on the ideas of our clients and therefore, would like to welcome any inquiries regarding new product development.
New products
We are constantly developing new precision hand tools and instruments for artisans and craftsmen.
Dogyu brand hammers
Dogyu Brand Hammers are popular both within Japan and overseas. We have been given very high reviews for our hammers by professional artisans/craftsmen. They are very easy to handle with very high quality and are manufactured in our own factory. MADE IN JAPAN.
Bullox brand hammers
BULLOX is a sub-brand of DOGYU and is mainly popular in the overseas market. The name BULLOX comes with the hope of creating a hammer as strong as the two animals, BULL and OX. Also manufactured at our factory. MADE IN JAPAN.
These bars are popular both within Japan and overseas. We have a variety of bars in different sizes in our line-up. This bar is also highly reviewed by professional artisans/craftsmen. With the pursuit of strength and perseverance, we manufacture the best quality bar at DOGYU. MADE IN JAPAN.
The usability and high quality of products such as WIRE CUTTERS, BOLT CUTTERS, CABLE CUTTERS, SHEET METAL SCISSORS have made them a favorite amongst professional artisans/craftsmen. Artisans/Craftsmen at DOGYU have carefully sharpened the edges of the cutters, one by one with extreme precision. Please experience the performance of these products.
Inspection Tools
Dogyu’s INSPECTION TOOLS are not only appreciated by professional artisans/craftsmen but also by Universities researchers. Our product, the Tapping Inspection Stick is a tool that was proposed to find exfoliation of tiles and separation of concrete. Please use this product without hitting the tile but by sliding it over the tile. The hammer type is recommended if a hammering test is being done.v
Flooring Tools, Chisels, Safety tools, Knives, Planes, Axes, Etc. You will definitely be able to find what you are looking for. All DOGYU products are pursued with quality and its ease of use. We believe you will have great satisfaction in using our products.